Femidist is a name I created as a user name for Birth forum. The word evolved as a combination of the words “Midwife” and “Feminist”.

For many years being a midwife was more than a career to me. It was a role by which I defined myself as a person, a woman, a professional.

The most rewarding, soul nurturing work I have ever done was that as a homebirth midwife. Birth to me is more than a health care issue. Women making choices for their own body about their own birth is to me a feminist issue.

I have always been interested in health. In biology and human physiology. The connection between what we eat and how we move and most importantly the connection between mind and body are ongoing sources of interest to me.

I have studied nursing, midwifery, massage, Bowen and some nutrition. I am currently studying a Diplome in Counselling.

I have many creative interests including quilting, cooking, gardening, doodling and writing.

BlackCat Creations is my home business through which I sell my creations including Quilts and Baby Burpees

The link to the BlackCat Creations Facebook page is on this blogs home page

I also sell products through my Etsy shop